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1. 當學員學畢一套拳種後,便符合考試資格,而獲通知考試日期及時間。

Students will be eligible for examination upon completion of each pugilism.  Students will be notified of the examination date and time.

2. 每次考試由三位考官評核,考生需要兩位以上的考官認為符合要求,才予以「合格」。

Three examiners will assess the performance of the student. “Pass” will be granted if two or more examiners are satisfied with the performance of the student.

3. 考核的評分準則為 (一) 拳種的完成度,(二) 動作的流暢度,及 (三) 動作的準確性。

Students will be assessed on the following criteria: (i) Degree of completeness, (ii) Flow of the movements, and (iii) Accuracy of the movements.

4. 如遇特殊情況不能出席考試者,應盡快通知本會。

4. Candidates who are absent must notify IAPWC as soon as possible.

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