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The Wing Chun style of Pao Fa Lien is an internal kung fu system that originated from the Shaolin Monastery over three hundred years ago. During that time, there were intense revolutions against the Manchurian invaders. One of the revolutionaries, nicknamed Dai Dong Fung (Great East Wind), had been a senior martial monk of the monastery and travelled a long distance to escape arrest from the Ch’ing Dynasty. He took refuge in the South (Canton Province) and taught the Tse brothers all of his martial arts. The martial art that has been passed down through generations has been referred to as Wing Chun Kuen.

The lineage of Wing Chun Kuen can be traced back through six generations:



  •  First Generation: Great East Wind

  • 一傳  大東風

  •  Second Generation: The Tse Brothers

  • 二傳  謝氏昆仲

  •  Third Generation: Lau Dat Sang (Pao Fa Lien)

  • 三傳  劉達生 (刨花蓮)

  •  Fourth Generation: Grandmaster Chu Chong

  • 四傳  朱忠

  •  Fifth Generation: Master Chu Wing Chee

  • 五傳  朱榮芝

  •  Sixth Generation: Sifu Joseph Lau and other apprentices

  • 六傳  劉煥聰


In memory of great grandmaster Lau Dat Sang, the Wing Chung kung fu that has been passed down is now referred to as "Pao Fa Lien Wing Chun". ​​​



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